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Paradise Apiaries

Paradise Apraries are a small family run honey bee enterprise based in Leek, providing honey and wax related products sourced from our hives. We keep over 70 colonies of honey bees spread around the Staffordshire countryside.

The bees forage for up to 3 miles from their hives. This allows the bees to forage on a wide range of flowers. This produces a wonderful floral honey that varies in colour and thickness depending on the forage available to our girls at the time. We also provide a swarm collection service.

Our 100% pure and raw Staffordshire honey can be purchased from the following outlets:

  • JW Ash Butchers, Leek
  • W James Butchers, Baddelby Green
  • Oulton’s Farm Shop, Burslem
  • The Poultry Paddock, Clayton
  • Meakins Butchers, Leek

If you would like to stock our honey, please get in touch!